OCCAR: U212 NFS System Design Review (SDR) achieved

22.2.22 is a palindrome number, it was also the date where a major milestone was delivered for the NFS Programme; namely the System Design Review (SDR). This is a highly challenging project, which will enhance Italy’s strategic submarine capabilities.

The second milestone of the U212 Near Future Submarine (NFS) Programme has been successfully delivered, in accordance to the strict principles of the System Engineering adopted for this design.

The delivery of the second milestone was a very demanding activity, which required a conspicuous amount of effort from both internal and external stakeholders, including NFS Programme Division, OCCAR PMSD, Contractors and Industry. It saw Nation’s support through its specialised submariners skills.

All efforts aimed at completing the required activities within the expected timescales and deadlines in order to comply with the baselined programme schedule. Although Italy is the only current PS, the NFS Programme is a catalyst for enhanced international skills technologies amongst EU and non-EU  countries. The SDR was a real success, so much so that participants and stakeholder initiated discussions immediately after to address the Critical Design Review (CDR). It is OCCAR’s intention to meet Nations’ requirements and to comply with cost, time and performance.

Source: OCCAR

Image courtesy OCCAR