EDEX 2023 – One more crocodile for the Egyptian Army, the Temsah-6

Paolo Valpolini

At EDEX 2023 the Vehicle Department of the Engineering Industrial Complex of the Egyptian Ministry of Defence unveiled the latest member of the Temsah family, the local name for crocodiles, the Temsah-6

Following the requirements of the Egyptian Army, which needs a multirole wheeled armoured vehicle to cover numerous missions, ranging from CASEVAC to electronic warfare, to air defence and to command post, the entity that is dedicated to develop wheeled vehicles within the Egyptian state defence industrial organisation launched at EDEX 2023 the Temsah-6, a 16,700 kg combat mass platform that can be used as the base for a number of variants.

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The Temsah-6 is based on a Navistar chassis, fitted with a 369 hp engine coupled to an automatic transmission, performances on road at full load ensuring a maximum speed of 85 km/h and a maximum range at cruising speed of 500 km/h. It is fitted with 395/85/R20 tires with run-flat inserts, a central tire inflation system being installed.

The chassis is made of steel and features wide transparents, a two-piece windshield at the front and full-length windows on the side of the rear compartment with firing ports allowing occupants to use their individual weapons from inside, a feature typical of the Egyptian doctrine. In the personnel carrier variant, exhibited at EDEX 2023, the Temsah-6 can carry a crew of two in the front cabin plus seven dismounts in the rear compartment, access being provided by the two front doors and the rear door.

The base ballistic protection level is BR6, however EDR On-Line understood this can be upgraded to BR7, while antimine protection is Level 3 a/b according to STANAG 4569. Antiblast seats are available for all occupants.

The Temsah-6 is 6.4 metres long, 6.7 if considering the rear-mounted spare tire, 2.6 metres wide and 2.98 metres tall, the adoption of a remotely controlled weapon station, one from Escribano of Spain being visible on the exhibited prototype, increasing height. Ground clearance is 380 mm.

Three external cameras are installed for providing situational awareness in daylight, a night camera being also provided to the driver who can see the images on a 9-inch screen.

According to company representatives the Temsah-6 has completed all Army trials, and has also been certified by Navistar, the vehicle being now ready for production at the company facilities, a contract from the Egyptian Ministry of Defence being awaited soon.

Photos by P. Valpolini