Ovzon launches two new unique On-The-Move mobile satellite terminals

Ovzon’s two new mobile satellite terminals, the Ovzon P20 and Ovzon P30, are ruggedized parabolic broadband On-The-Move mobile satellite terminals for land, maritime, and airborne applications.

The new Ovzon On-The-Move mobile satellite terminals have been meticulously developed with customers’ needs for performance, mobility, and resiliency at the forefront. The design offers customers a wide range of integration options, enhancing Ovzon’s SATCOM-as-a-Service offerings. Specifically, for On-The-Move solutions, customers expressed a desire to have the same resiliency and high-performance capability but at an improved overall lifecycle cost.

The Ovzon P30 is a high performing terminal, offering the same capabilities as Ovzon’s existing portfolio of mobile satellite terminals but with a smaller footprint. The Ovzon P20, on the other hand, brings superior performance and mobility with an extremely lightweight formfactor, making it ideal for various unmanned systems and ISR platforms.

These new On-The-Move mobile satellite terminals are designed to operate on Ovzon’s SATCOM-as-a-Service solutions, Ovzon Hero and Ovzon Pegasus. New features will be added over time to support the Ovzon Orion services delivered by Ovzon 3 and the Ovzon On-Board-Processor. This will mirror the capabilities of the Ovzon T7 On-The-Pause terminal, such as autonomous operation, VL-SNR, and true-mesh.

“Ovzon delivers world leading SATCOM-as-a-Service for customers critical missions. Ovzon’s solutions are focused on delivering the highest performance, mobility, and resiliency. We consistently strive to stay ahead of customer demand by developing our own and working with our partners on cutting-edge technology innovations. The Ovzon P30 and Ovzon P20 mobile satellite terminals are yet another example of how our product and services portfolio is constantly evolving to deliver smarter capabilities for land mobile, maritime, and airborne applications”, says Per Norén, CEO of Ovzon.

Image courtesy Ovzon