Thermoteknix unveils ClipIR-12 – latest in thermal fusion technology – at Eurosatory 2024

Thermoteknix, a global leader in thermal imaging, night vision, and fused technologies, is launching its latest breakthroughs in fused thermal clip-on systems with its new ClipIR-12 range at Eurosatory 2024.

Based on thermal fusion technology developed by Thermoteknix over the past 12 years, ClipIR-12B, and ClipIR-12E, are the latest, fourth generation evolution, significantly lighter, higher resolution and more compact than their predecessors.

See the new ClipIR-12 on STAND C386, Hall 5A on the UK Pavilion, Eurosatory 2024, Paris.

Both ClipIR-12 models attach to existing night vision devices to deliver thermal imaging fusion. Fused thermal and night vision is the gold standard for low-light and no-light operations giving tactical advantages and enhanced situational awareness, while increasing the range significantly compared to traditional standalone night vision.

Exceptionally low power consumption is achieved with Thermoteknix patented Shutterless XTI technology, also providing outstanding uninterrupted image quality with zero lag and ultra-low latency; critical for helmet mounted applications. A wide field of view is delivered to the night vision device, providing maximum situational awareness.

ClipIR-12B is powered by either by an internal battery or externally by either a four or eight cell battery pack mounted on the rear of the helmet. ClipIR-12E is powered externally from an external battery pack.

Groundbreaking Augmented Reality capabilities are achieved by connecting either Thermoteknix ARTIM or ARTIM-MINI intelligent battery packs which combine the thermal fusion with an intuitive look-vector driven 3D AR display with real-time data from leading Battle Management Systems such as ATAK.

“The ClipIR-12 range brings more than ten years’ of Thermoteknix’ experience designing and manufacturing fused thermal and night vision systems. These latest advancements in technology enhance the operational effectiveness, situational awareness, and safety of military personnel in the field.” comments Jonti Salisbury, Head of Imaging Sales at Thermoteknix.

Thermoteknix is renowned for its innovative engineering, challenging convention and developing groundbreaking technology. The company was awarded the prestigious King’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation in 2024, the highest public accolade for any British company.

Image courtesy Thermoteknix