Partner 2021: Russian turrets for Yugoimport 8×8 vehicles

By EDR On-Line Editorial Staff

At the 10th International Exhibition of Arms and Defense Equipment “PARTNER” that took place at the Belgrade Fair on 11-14 October Yugoimport unveiled a new 8×8 vehicle fitted with a Russian-made remotely controlled turret. Named Lazanski, it features a monocoque hull, has a maximum gross vehicle weight of 36 tonnes. Powered by a Caterpillar C13 rated at 711 hp, this engine becoming the base of choice for most 8×8, the vehicle was exhibited in Belgrade fitted with the AU-220M remote turret designed and produced by the Burevestnik Central Research Institute of Russia. This is armed with a 57 mm cannon with 80 ready rounds, rate of fire being 80 rpm. With the full load of ammunition, including the 500 rounds for the 7.62 mm 6P7K coaxial  machine gun, the turret has a weight of 3.650 kg. This includes the heavy protection on the front arc, which is up to Level 5, all-round protection being limited to Level 3; the vehicle has a protection in line with that of the turret front and can even be stepped up one more notch. The Lazanski has been developed in order to answer the new requirements in terms of protection and firepower, which could not be provided by the previous 8×8 designed by Yugoimport, the Lazar.

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This does not mean that the latter vehicle life has come to an end. At the PARTNER exhibition Yugoimport exhibited the Lazar III A1 fitted with the 32V01 remotely controlled turret, developed by the same Russian design bureau. This is armed with a 2A42 30 mm automatic cannon and a coaxial gun similar to that of the AU220M, 200 HE and 100 AP-T rounds being ready available for the main gun, while 1,000 rounds are for the machine gun. The 32V01 weight in combat order with maximum allowed protection is lower than 1.5 tonne. Born as an armoured personnel carrier, with the addition of the Russian turret the Lazar in this latest iteration becomes an effective infantry fighting vehicles for those operational areas where threats are compatible with its protection, which according to Yugoimport is Level 5 on the frontal arc and Level 4 all-round. Maximum combat weight for the Lazar III is declared at 28 tonnes, the vehicle carrying a three-man crew plus  a maximum of 9 dismounts.

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