Partner 2023

On September 25 to 28 Serbian and international companies met at the Belgrade Fair for the 11th edition of the International Armament and Military Equipment Fair, better known as Partner.

The event is sponsored by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia and co-sponsored by PE Yugoimport SDPR, the regional leader in the production, integration and promotion of weapons and military equipment.

Beside the overwhelming presence of Serbian public and private companies, a number of foreign exhibitors were present, China being quite probably the most relevant, although other companies from the Balkans and from more distant countries were present.

Here attached a selection of subjects picked by the EDR On-Line editorial team.

Serbia aims at enhancing its ground-based air defence

PR-DC: loitering munitions and ISTAR drones from Serbia

Yugoimport and Texelis detail their cooperation

Upgraded Malyutka antitank missiles ready to join the Serbian Army

Serbia Military Technical Institute showcases its new remotely controlled weapon stations

Yugoimport exhibits its Milosh 2 while showing the first export Milosh

Viatacom Institute developing vILA 1 and vILA 2 long range loitering munitions

First public appearance for Yugoimport Nora-B52 NG 155/52 SP howitzer

Vihor, a highly mobile and protected vehicle from TRB