PLATH Corporation announces new subsidiary PLATH Signal Products GmbH & Co. KG focused on COMINT product supply to system integrators

Hamburg, Germany, April 7 2021PLATH Corporation, the pioneer in Communication Intelligence, today announced the initiation of a new group operating entity and evolution of its product strategy, represented by the launch of its new group company PLATH Signal Products GmbH & Co. KG headed by Dr. Ronald M. Meixner.

PLATH’s market leading hardware and sub-systems have previously been taken to market as part of PLATH fully integrated product solutions. With the formation of PLATH Signal Products GmbH & Co. KG the company marks a bold shift to enable system integrators to leverage its market-leading direction finders, receivers and antenna as components of their own differentiated system designs.

This evolution of the PLATH Group market and product strategy addresses the market’s appetite for rapid innovation it had identified within device development for communications intelligence: While the development of next generation products is mostly based on the improvement of critical technical parameters, it is PLATH Signal Products purpose to seek and support innovators applying signal acquisition technology to new applications, or to enhance their SIGINT systems with superior COMINT capability.

This strategic initiative is designed to enhance PLATH’s growth through widening its addressable market. Renowned for its product quality already, PLATH Signal Products, working with its new customers, will be driven to further increase sub-system quality and effectiveness. More importantly the increased scale of market reach for its sub-systems will drive price competitiveness for its system integrator partners.

 “PLATH has made a strategic market initiative to establish PLATH Signal Products as an independent operational entity in order to supply system integrators with our products.” stated Mr. Nico Scharfe, CEO Plath GmbH. Dr. Ronald Meixner, CEO of PLATH Signal Products, adds: “I am pleased to present PLATH’s technologically leading products to a wider international audience and have achieved very promising early market adoption.”

Photo courtesy Plath Signal Products