Rafael unveils the Aerospike Missile

May 12, 2022: As part of the 2022 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC), Rafael Advanced Defense Systems unveils AEROSPIKE, a new advanced air-to-surface precision guided missile for fixed-wing aerial platforms.

AEROSPIKE is a state-of-the-art, next generation electro-optical (EO) SOPGM (Stand-Off Precision Guided Munition) system designed to meet the needs of complex modern warfare. It is light-weight, provides very high precision (CEP ≤ 3 ft), and offers an unparalleled stand-off range of 30 km all within a contested environment and without GPS dependency.

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AEROSPIKE incorporates RAFAEL’s advanced SPIKE LR2 precision guided missile technologies, including its dual high resolution EO seeker supported by advanced scene-matching technology and exceptional detection and tracking capabilities. A real-time data link allows for seamless man-in-the-loop operation and advanced lethality with a combination of HEAT (antitank) and blast fragmentation warheads. AEROSPIKE’s precision, immunity, and lethality provide a decisive and powerful solution for Close Air Support (CAS) in crisis response, counter-terrorism missions, and as counter A2/AD in full-intensity conflict. It was specially designed for fixed-wing aerial platforms and allows engagement of both moving and static targets in daytime and nighttime conditions, and in adverse weather.

AEROSPIKE’s real-time RF data link enables mid-mission abort and retargeting capabilities while also controlling attack angle and missile flight trajectory.  Its simplified operating concept reduces low aircrew workload. Its extended 30 km engagement range makes the weapon ideal for air-to-surface attacks against modern tiered Air Defense Artillery (ADA) networks, mobile Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) sites, armored vehicles, and urban infrastructure.

Vice President Mr. Alon Shlomi, Director of RAFAEL’s Air-to-Surface Directorate:  “We believe the AEROSPIKE can enhance the precision, lethality, and survivability of future SOCOM AOW [Armed Overwatch] squadrons, providing the Air Force Special Operations Command an advanced tactical CAS solution and keeping the warfighter out of harm’s way. Today’s battle arena is saturated with portable air defense threats – like MANPADs – that require CAS elements to operate with greater precision and longer ranges; that is precisely what AEROSPIKE brings to the modern battlefield.” 

Images courtesy Rafael