RAM System: German Navy Procures RAM Block 2B

Munich – On 10/27/2022 RAM-System GmbH (RAMSYS) was awarded a contract to procure 600 state-of-the-art Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) Block 2B guided ship self defence missiles for the German Navy.

The newly developed RAM Block 2B missile incorporates a new infrared seeker head and a missile-to-missile-link between RAM Block 2B salvo shootings. Together with its evolved radar frequency receiver software, this enables the missile to effectively counter complex raid scenarios of incoming anti-ship missiles and new targets of the latest generation.

RAM has been a bilateral US-German government program for more than 40 years. The 6th generation RAM Block 2B missile is a development by the industry partners Raytheon

Missile & Defense and RAMSYS, in close cooperation with its parent companies Diehl Defence and MBDA Germany.

Deliveries of the new missiles to the German Navy will start 2024.

Photo courtesy RAM-System