Ribbon cutting for the second Italian Navy PPA

May 22, 2020 – (source Italian Navy) – At the Fincantieri plant in Riva Trigoso (GE), the launching ceremony of the second Multipurpose Offshore Patrol Vessel (PPA), named after the Venetian Admiral Francesco Morosini, was held.

The event, held in reduced form in compliance with the current rules of conduct for the fight against coronavirus, was attended by the Italian Navy Chief of Staff, Vice Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone and the Commander of the New Naval Construction Center (MARINALLES), Captain Gennaro Falcone; for Fincantieri the company General Manager Alberto Maestrini, and the Head of the Military Units Division Giuseppe Giordo. The godmother of the ship was the engineer Carola Morosini, also from Fincantieri, who during the ceremony was accompanied by the designated Captain, Commander Giovanni Monno.

The ship will begin its “operational life” in 2022, after a further period of outfitting and crew training which will be completed at the Fincantieri Muggiano plant in La Spezia, under the supervision of the Italian Navy New Shipbuilding and Outfitting Center.

ITS Morosini is the second of seven PPAs. With a length of 143 meters and a displacement of 6,000 tonnes, the ship is part of the operational fleet renewal plan launched in May 2015 (the so-called “New Naval Law”) and can perform multiple tasks : surveillance and control of maritime spaces of national interest, supervising maritime and economic activities, contributing to the protection of the marine environment, supporting relief operations for the population affected by natural disasters and contributing to the escort of naval groups, major ships and merchant ships.

The bridge features an innovative system called “cockpit” that will allow for the first time the integrated management of navigation operations and combat system management, with a reduced number of operators, thanks also to the use of advanced technologies and high automation.

The PPAs represent a type of ship of innovative conception that ensures strategic versatility, flexibility of use, projectability and integration of capacities that fulfills the idea of ​​”Dual Systemic Use” characteristic of new generation armaments.

Photos courtesy Italian Navy