Roboteam will supply the U.S. Marine Corps with hundreds of its MTGR robots and spare parts under a program valued at about $30 million

May 28, 2024, Israel – Roboteam, a leading developer and manufacturer of tactical unmanned platforms for defense and security missions, announced today that it received an initial purchase order to deliver to the United States Marine Corps more than 130 of its Micro Tactical Ground Robot (MTGR) systems, which will be part of a larger order of additional robots to follow, totaling approximately $30 million.  
The purchase order was received through collaboration with Roboteam’s U.S. partner, Mistral Inc. Roboteam will supply a total of approximately 200 units of its MTGR to the U.S. Marine Corps, along with spare parts and maintenance services. Manufacturing is being conducted locally in the U.S with final assembly at Mistral’s White Marsh production facility. Roboteam has already provided the first batch of MTGR systems to the US Marine Corps and aims to complete the delivery by the first quarter of 2025.

This achievement underscores Roboteam’s track record of success in the United States, where the US Air Force has previously procured hundreds of MTGR systems under a Program of Record valued at over $25 million, demonstrating the MTGRs’ efficacy through successful deployment and operational performance. Notably, the current contract represents a significant advancement as the first penetration into the US Marine Corps market, with potential for future orders.

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The MTGR is a highly maneuverable, lightweight, and man-portable robotic platform. Its robust design and agile mobility, including advanced capabilities such as stair-climbing and self-righting, excel in both indoor and outdoor terrains. Whether deployed for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) missions, special operations, or tactical maneuvers, the MTGR’s unparalleled performance and adaptability ensure superiority in navigating and overcoming field challenges.

In addition to the MTGR, Roboteam’s combat-proven family of robotic systems (ranging from 1.5 kg up to 1.2 tons) has a track record of successful deployments of thousands of systems by Tier-1 defense and law enforcement customers in over 30 countries. Powered by cutting-edge software and algorithms, Roboteam’s platforms leverage MESH communication technology, streamlining transmission through a singular network. This innovative approach enables centralized control via a single control unit, empowering operators to seamlessly manage multiple systems with unparalleled ease.

“We are honored that the US Marine Corps has selected the MTGR to enhance their arsenal of combat engineering robotics. Proudly selected by Tier-1 customers globally, our unmanned platforms empower defense forces to execute missions efficiently while prioritizing soldier safety,” said Matan Shirvi, Roboteam CEO. “We have customized the MTGR to meet the U.S, Marine Corp’s operational needs, enabling them to maintain unmatched battlefield supremacy while enhancing their daily operational capabilities. We are delighted to collaborate with Mistral to bring this advanced robotic solution to the US Marine Corps, reaffirming our commitment to providing innovative solutions tailored to the demands of modern warfare.”

Photos courtesy Roboteam