Rohde & Schwarz stands ready for Project Quadriga with its highly secure software defined airborne radios of the SOVERON family.

Munich, December 1, 2020 – Germany has recently approved the procurement of Project Quadriga, which will see the German Air Force replacing 38 Tranche 1 Eurofighters with newbuild Tranche 4 aircraft. These new aircraft will be equipped with state-of-the art future proof equipment.

All Eurofighter TYPHOON aircraft are currently flying with highly secure communications technology from Rohde & Schwarz, where each aircraft is fitted with two V-/UHF transceivers.

Airborne transceivers from Rohde & Schwarz use sophisticated communications methods that were standardized throughout NATO, including the digital and fast frequency-hopping algorithm SATURN (Second Generation of Anti-Jam Tactical UHF Radio for NATO), as well as embedded NATO cryptology. This solution has already been SECAN and BSI certified to allow secure communications up to NATO SECRET. 

“Rohde & Schwarz stands ready with its highly advanced SOVERON family of airborne radios,” says Stefan Pleyer, Vice President Market Segment Avionics, Rohde & Schwarz. “We are proud to work with Airbus, having delivered communications equipment for all recent Eurofighter TYPHOON Tranches.”

Photo courtesy Eurofighter