Romania cancels the Multifunctional Corvette programme

The contracting authority from the Ministry of National Defense approved on Monday, August 7, the cancellation of the specific procedure related to the “Multifunctional Corvette” essential endowment program, proposed by the report of the evaluation commission established on the basis of GD no. 48 of February 15, 2018.

The decision to cancel the specific procedure was taken based on the provisions of section B.I, point 4, letters f) and g), in conjunction with the provisions of section B.II, letter c), point 10, of GD no. 48/2018, as the bidder declared the winner did not sign the framework agreement within the terms requested by the contracting authority and the funds necessary to declare the economic operator in the next place as the winner were not identified.

The decision to cancel the specific procedure was communicated to the three bidders on Tuesday, August 8.

Source Romanian Ministry of Defence

Unofficial translation by EDR On-Line

Image courtesy Naval Group