RUAG Ammotec expands portfolio in the area of silencers: new partnership with Swiss manufacturer Wyssen Defense

21.09.2021 – Thun In the course of RUAG Ammotec’s strategic portfolio expansion, another established brand has been gained for the professional shooter solutions offering in Wyssen Defense. The silencers for military and government use can now be acquired from the Defense & Law Enforcement division of RUAG Ammotec.

“We want to always offer our customers first-class products that they can rely on 100% in crucial situations. The partnership with Wyssen Defense will enable us to once again put this commitment into practice,” explained René Hauser, Senior Director Business Development & Portfolio at RUAG Ammotec. The Swiss manufacturer boasts a modern production facility in Switzerland and many years of expertise in the field of high-quality silencers. Silencers and their respective muzzle brakes for different applications, including pistols, sub-machine guns, assault rifles and sniper rifles, are sold at Ammotec exclusively by the Defense & Law Enforcement business unit and are intended for military and government use.

About Wyssen Defense

Wyssen Defense is a business unit of the Wyssen Group and was founded in Reichenbach in 1926. The company originally specialized in the manufacture of cable cars, operating on a global scale. Furthermore, with the Wyssen Avalanche Control subsidiary focusing on avalanche blasting, the requisite infrastructure in defense was established. By the 1990s, Jürg Wyssen was completing development and manufacturing contracts for other renowned Swiss weapons makers, resulting in the foundation of the Wyssen Defense division. The expertise acquired over 25 years is today incorporated in the company’s products, such as the high-quality silencers Made in Switzerland.

“For us, the collaboration with RUAG Ammotec is an important step into our future. We hope to raise the brand recognition of Wyssen Defense in international markets,” said Jürg Wyssen, CEO of Wyssen Defense.

Photos courtesy RUAG Ammotec