RUAG International implements full remote supervision support for Live simulation & training system to include AAR

Bern, Switzerland, 16 November 2020. RUAG Simulation & Training has confirmed its capabilities for full remote monitoring and supervision support for Live training systems on behalf of a European customer. The comprehensive event specifically featured the inclusion of after-action review (AAR) reporting and analysis and was provided to full customer satisfaction. The remote supervision was supported from Switzerland and enabled the customer’s scheduled training to proceed in keeping with pandemic guidelines. RUAG Simulation & Training supported army and police forces, deploying force-on-force and Mobile Combat Training Center (CTC) services featuring Gladiator Modular Tactical Engagement Training System.

RUAG Simulation & Training’s competency for full remote supervision, including data transfer necessary to AAR, was proven within the scope of laser-based force-on-force training exercises. The implementation of the remote protocols was a prerequisite to ensuring highest training fidelity despite COVID-19 pandemic conditions. Remote supervision offset the need for the standard on-site presence of two to four professional supervisors, assuring that international travel from Switzerland was avoided. The customer experienced a reliable and realistic training and a thorough and accurate AAR debriefing, all within their protected training-site environment.

The scheduled training, featuring a special operations program, proceeded according to plan, with multiple units and their various specialisations included within the Live system. RUAG’s Gladiator Supervision Equipment ensured the data transmitted from positioning and interaction sensors, from the various modules, components and participants comprised in the Mobile CTC Live system, was recorded and analysed for an effective AAR.

This achievement strengthened collaboration in an ongoing series of comprehensive laser-based force-on-force trainings commissioned by the customer. The Training-as-a-Service approach included full rental of Gladiator Modular Tactical Engagement Training System components and local consultants for operational system checks and servicing. Together with the customer, the team from RUAG Simulation & Training defined system configuration and component needs to target highest training fidelity and performance accuracy within budget guidelines.

RUAG Simulation & Training AG is a professional and trusted partner for Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) simulation & training solutions. Combining cutting-edge technology with an unparalleled depth of experience, RUAG develops affordable products tailored to training goals and designed for saving lives and protecting assets in the complex environment of today’s and tomorrow’s battlefields. Gladiator Modular Tactical Engagement Training Systems enable live conflict scenario simulations to proceed at the highest levels of fidelity.

Photo courtesy RUAG International