Russia: Project 11711 shown with a modified superstructure architecture

Nick Morris

At the International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS) “Fleet-2024”, the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) unveiled a model of the Project 11711 large landing ship (LLS) of the second series (code “Cayman”) with a modified superstructure architecture

A model of the Project 11711 large landing craft of the second series was presented for the first time at the IMDS in July 2019. Compared to the original version, the new model shown this year has a modified turret-mast structure, on which elements of the ship’s radio-technical weapon (RTW) are located. Both the height of the structure and the number of RTW elements placed on it were increased.

The architecture of the LLS superstructure has also been updated. Both the placement of life rafts and boats and the site for placing the AK-630M-2 “Duet” anti-aircraft artillery system (AAAS) in the bow of the ship have undergone changes. It has been increased in height, which allows the AAAS to combat both air targets and uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs) with greater efficiency.

At the same time, the armament of the LLS project 11711 of the second series has not changed. The ship is still equipped with one AAAS AK-630M-2 “Duet” and two AK-630M 30 mm calibre. The latter are located at the rear of the superstructure. The LLS is also armed with heavy machine guns on pedestal mounts. Two Ka-29 transport and combat helicopters can be hosted on the helipad.

The developer of project 11711 is the Nevskoy Design Bureau (part of USC). Currently, the Yantar Baltic Shipyard (part of USC) is building two Project 11711 landing ships of the second series – “Vladimir Andreev” (plant number 303) and “Vasily Trushin” (plant number 304). The ships were laid down in April 2019.

The total displacement of the Project 11711 LLS of the second series is 8,000 tonnes, length is about 150 metres, beam at the waterline is about 19.5 metres, and draft is about 4.5 metres. Maximum speed is 18 knots. It has a crew of about 120 people. The ship can accommodate helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), as well as landing craft.

Photo by N. Morris