SAES attends the Navantia assignment of the tactical submarine simulator SIMTAC S80 for the Spanish Navy

21st December 2021 -The agreement for the temporary assignment of the Tactical Submarine Simulator (SIMTAC) S80 has been signed in the Submarine School located in the Cartagena Naval Base on Monday 20th December by Germán Romero (Navantia) and Captain Aurelio Fernández, Director of Submarine School, on behalf of both the Ministry of Defence and the Spanish Navy. The assignment of the simulator ends when Navantia delivers the first S80 class submarine to the Navy.

The companies that have collaborated developing the SIMTAC S80 have also been present, including Javier del Corral, Programme Manager for DGAM (Office Weapons and Material – Ministry of Defense); Manuel Aranda, S80 Programme Manager (Navantia Sistemas); Ismael Ayala, S80 Tactical Simulator Programme Manager for INDRA; and Cristina Abad, SAES General Manager.

The S80 Tactical Simulator, SIMTAC-S80, allows the training of the submarine crew and the Submarine School students, in a highly realistic environment, as well as the testing of new tactics to improve its performance.

SIMTAC-S80 works with the same functionalities and forms of operation of that of the S80 Submarine Combat System, replacing all system entries (equipment and sensors) for simulation elements in the most realistic environment.

The acoustic simulation, developed and delivered by SAES, is par of the global solution developed by NAVANTIA, INDRA and SAES for the S80 submarine tactical training to the Spanish Navy, located in the Submarine School inside the Military Arsenal building in Cartagena. The acoustical simulation developed by SAES interacts with the Integrated Nucleus of the Combat System (ICSC) developed by Navantia Sistemas. This system replaces the previous interaction with real acoustic environment.

The Integrated Nucleus of the S80 Combat System (ICSC) delivered by Navantia includes elements developed by SAES such as the integrated sonars operator interface, the long-range towed array sonar (TAS), the ONMS (noise monitoring system) and the detection and counter-detection prediction system of the combat system.

Photo courtesy SAES