WDS 2024 – Safran unveils its Skyjacker anti-drone system

Joseph Roukoz

At the World Defense Show in Riyadh, Safran Electronics & Defense unveiled its Skyjacker anti-drone solution

Leveraging its skills in term of very precise timing, GNSS simulation engine, inertial navigation systems and electro-optics, Safran designed its new system – Skyjacker – to counter threats posed by enemy drones, particularly those used in current conflicts, as well as those employed by terrorist or for intelligence attacks.

The Skyjacker employs the command and control system developed by Hologarde, which can leverage a combination of sensors, such as radars, self-identification and passive RF, to detect incoming UAVs, Electro-optics and Safran ACE to identify them, and to neutralize a large variety of threats.

Once a drone is detected, it can be identified using the system database of drone signatures. If the drone is identified as a threat, the Skyjacker can neutralize it using a variety of means, such as jamming its communications, taking control of its navigation system thanks to GNSS Spoofing, something possible on all constellations and frequencies) or physically, destroying it. The Skyjacker can face and neutralise attacks from multiple threats, hence it can react to possible swarm attacks.

The Skyjacker is a modular and scalable solution that can be adapted to the specific needs of each customer. It can be deployed on a variety of platforms, such as ships, land vehicles and fixed installations.

In conclusion the Skyjacker is a powerful and versatile anti-drone solution that can be used to protect people and properties against the threats represented by enemy drones.

Photo courtesy Safran Electronics & Defense