SCD introduces its innovative range of solutions across the IR spectrum for a wide range of applications

Eurosatory, Paris, June 13-17, Hall 9 Stand E633

8 June, 2022. SCD ‒ a global leader in the development and manufacture of a wide range of cooled and uncooled infrared detectors and high-power laser diodes – will highlight five of its core infrared solutions for a wide range of applications, at Eurosatory 2022.

Persistent surveillance with the Crane solution:

There is a growing need for cost-effective persistent surveillance solutions for multiple platforms, such as UAVs, drones, and fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. SCD has introduced the world’s first 5-micron, 5 mega-pixel IR detector – the Crane. This breakthrough product is a game changer in EO/IR applications, offering excellent performance in a small, lightweight, and compact product. The Crane enables persistent surveillance from a cost-effective tactical platform or drone, while overcoming the need for multiple UAVs to be deployed, each with its own payload, to cover large areas. Instead, very high resolution can be achieved with just one highly-reliable Crane detector, reducing costs and operational complexity.

Tactical EO/IR with the Sparrow and SWIFT families of solutions:

The demand for Low SWaP solutions for tactical EO/IR applications has been growing consistently over the past few years. Tactical applications such as hand held, drone based, and AFVs are demanding smaller, lighter IR solutions in the MW and SWIR domains, all with increased functionality. SCD is showcasing two cutting-edge solutions for the tactical domain.

The first is the Sparrow MWIR video engine family, which was developed specifically to meet the requirements for tactical systems. Launched just two years ago as part of SCD’s product portfolio expansion, the Sparrow has been selected for major programs of record in the US, the UK, Australia, Spain and Israel. Recently, the Sparrow was selected for two major programs of record in the US (hand held and RWS). SCD has further expanded the Sparrow family of products, adding new capabilities and new product lines, enabling increased operational capabilities. Production of the Sparrow product line is being ramped up in 2022 to a rate of more than 1000 units per year, and the company expects to double this quantity in the next 18 months.

The second tactical solution SCD is bringing to Eurosatory is the unique SWIFT line of low SWaP-C SWIR imagers, which meet multiple tactical needs in a single product, implementing SCD’s patented ALPD mode to detect laser events. Specially designed for very low SWaP-C applications, and featuring advanced

InGaAs technology for very high sensitivity, it includes embedded ‘see spot’ capabilities for all weather conditions and coded spot tracking, even in low-light-level applications, including complete darkness.

Advanced IR capabilities for border and coastal surveillance with unique MWIR and SWIR solutions:

Border security and coastal surveillance require unique capabilities combining both state-of-the-art IR performance in all-weather scenarios, and maximum lifetime and reliability. At the event, SCD will be featuring two IR imaging solutions for border security, coastal surveillance and long-range surveillance, specifically relevant to meeting today’s challenges.

The first solution is the SCD Cardinal 1280 HD which is a high-resolution, high-sensitivity InGaAs SWIR detector. Suitable for 24/7 surveillance, the 10-micron pixel detector uses the SWIR wavelength for low-light imaging, and provides an additional 50% DRI over CMOS or CCD day channels available today. This is particularly required in severe weather conditions (smoke, dust, fog, rain), and changing light conditions when visibility is poor, such as at sunrise and sunset. The Cardinal already has a proven track record, having been integrated into major programs in the US, Canada, Australia, Israel, the UK, Germany, and elsewhere.

The second solution is the newest member of the SCD BB1280 MWIR family. This product was developed specifically for the increased demand for extended MTBF and high reliability, providing over 45,00 hours operation – a mission critical demand for these types of applications.

 “We are proud to offer such a wide range of solutions across the IR spectrum,” says Dan Slasky, CEO of SCD. “SCD is committed to excellence by continuously enhancing and developing new and innovative products. We are showcasing numerous new solutions at Eurosatory, and expect to announce the completion of development of a number of additional cutting-edge solutions later this year. As we continue to grow and expand our business worldwide, we are excited to take this opportunity at Eurosatory to meet with our current and new customers, and look forward to providing solutions to each customer’s specific needs.”

Photos courtesy SCD