SCD USA’s subsidiary, Quantum Imaging, was Selected by Leonardo DRS to Provide Cutting-Edge MIRA SWIR Cameras, Enhancing Targeting Systems with Unparalleled Imaging Capabilities

Colorado Springs, Colorado February 12, 2024 – SCD USA and its subsidiary Quantum Imaging (QI) is pleased to announce that Leonardo DRS, Inc. (DRS) in Melbourne, Florida has selected QI to provide its “MIRA” Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) camera to support its Joint Effects Targeting System II (JETS II). The US Army selected DRS for the engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) Phase.

Quantum Imaging’s MIRA camera provides high performance and small size, low weight, and low power. MIRA incorporates the SCD SWIFT-EI detector. SWIFT-EI is a world-first SWIR two in one infrared detector, enabling Event base imaging in parallel with highly sensitive SWIR imaging video. SWIFT-EI uses a state-of-the-art read-out integrated circuit (ROIC) that enables embedded capabilities of multi- spot asynchronous laser pulse detection (ALPD) and a fast-imaging frame rate up to 1,600 frames per second.

MIRA affords DRS the most advanced SWaP-C SWIR camera with embedded event and Laser Spot Tracking (LST) capability in the market. QI demonstrated MIRA’s fast sampling laser detection and decoding capability during U. S. Army testing.

“Quantum Imaging continues to develop innovative SWIR technology. It defines both the company value ‘Always a step ahead’ and our commitment to the US warfighter to be the ‘first to see’,” said Mark Fydenkevez, CEO of Quantum Imaging and SCDUSA. “The full-feature MIRA camera expands and enhances the range of potential SWIR applications. All of us at QI are proud to be part a program that provides superior capability to our troops.”

Photo courtesy SCD USA