► SensusQ relocates Sales and Marketing Operations to the UK, strengthening UK-Estonia defense ties

Tallinn & London (November 16, 2023) – SensusQ, a military intelligence company, has announced a new step in its mission to foster enhanced collaboration between the United Kingdom and Estonia. In a strategic move, the company has opened a branch in the UK, underscoring its unwavering commitment to strengthening ties between the two NATO members and fortifying collective security. 

According to British Ambassador to Estonia Ross Allen, SensusQ represents the best of Estonia and the UK. “About 50% of the workforce are veterans or reservists from Britain, Estonia or elsewhere, and they are doing a fantastic job with their product and technology,” he says.

Marko Kaseleht, CEO and co-founder, says, “As we look towards the future, the defence sector must prioritise digitalisation and ensure the highest level of security for all NATO members.” He adds, “We aim to increase the ability of intelligence and defence sector clients to analyse and communicate information faster, which is why it is important to be close to our partners in other parts of Europe. “

SensusQ has developed Winning Mind, a military technology software that helps military units collect and contextualise information from relevant sources, analyse its accuracy and provenance, and generate reports based on the collected data. The technology has digitised the intelligence cycle and saves 30% of valuable time compared to the document-based methods used today. The company’s intelligence management software is currently used both in NATO countries and in Ukraine.

aavi Veskimägi, the Head of the Defence and Aerospace Industry Association of Estonia, emphasises that SensusQ’s expansion into the UK market is a sign of the successful and systematic development of the Estonian defence industry over the last 14 years. “Today, it is clear that our companies can enter the international defence industry value chain primarily through innovation. Due to Estonia’s small size, our defence companies must be exporters first and foremost – their international success will, in turn, ensure the strengthening of Estonia’s defence capabilities through competence and experience,” he says. 

While SensusQ is looking to set up a physical office in the UK in the future, its priority is to build partnerships with UK-based defence companies and key national clients and develop smarter AI solutions. SensusQ headquarters will remain in Estonia, but the company has already hired significant talent from the UK. SensusQ’s primary focus will be working with Central and Eastern European regions. 


SensusQ was founded in 2020 by Marko Kaseleht and Villiko Nurmoja. The company has raised €2 million to date, with investors such as StartUp Wise Guys and Lemonade Stand. The team currently comprises around 35 people, and the product is being used in NATO countries and Ukraine.

SensusQ is at the forefront of a cohort of Estonian defense sector companies that have emerged over the past five to six years, with notable entities such as Milrem. The overarching mission of SensusQ is to usher in a digital revolution in NATO and allied structures, akin to the transformative changes witnessed in the civilian and state sectors in Estonia.

Unlike conventional intelligence methods relying on manual processes or Microsoft Office, SensusQ’s technology automatically collects, analyzes, and disseminates information from diverse sources, including DELTA systems, various documents, drone camera feeds, and open-source intelligence. This innovation has proven crucial in conflicts such as those in Ukraine and Israel-Palestine, where timely information delivery to decision-makers proved decisive. The system is currently undergoing trials in multiple NATO member states, with the Ukrainian case highlighting the transformative potential of information management in modern military affairs.