Significant Electronic Support Measures System Order for Patria

30 June 2021 – Patria has been awarded a contract for the delivery of the Patria ARIS-E Electronic Support Measures (ESM) system to a European customer. This further extends Patria’s state-of-the-art Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance portfolio to also include compilation of tactical situational picture.

atria ARIS-E is an ESM system used for intercepting, identifying and geolocating radioemitters without being detected itself. Based on the received signals, the system produces a situational picture indicating active operations. The system also enables further analysis of the received signals.

ARIS-E utilizes the best solutions developed for Patria’s ARIS Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) product, as well as the newest receiver and signal processing technologies ensuring detection of even the most advanced threats in a congested and contested EM environment.

The ARIS-E system provides advantages on the electronic battlefield, where it is essential to gather information about operations within the full radio frequency spectrum.

”We are very proud to provide our Customers with top-class electronic support measures and signals intelligence capabilities. The development of ARIS-E and ARIS are based on Patria’s long-term experience in the design and development of radar signal processing and signals intelligence systems”, says JonasGeust, President of Patria’s Systems business unit.

Images courtesy Patria