SOVERON HR starts on road to success

Munich, October 6, 2020 – Rohde & Schwarz received another contract for the newly developed SOVERON HR handheld radio along with the successfully established SOVERON VR vehicular radio. Diehl Defence will integrate the mission-optimized radios with an export customer and has already received the first deliveries. All devices are produced in German Rohde & Schwarz plants because of the security technology involved.

As part of the SOVERON software defined radio system, SOVERON HR is able to maintain two audio connections and enables parallel voice and data connections, together with associated network-capable, high data rate, jam-proof SOVERON WAVE waveforms.

SOVERON HR and SOVERON VR have already been commissioned by the German armed forces to equip their Very High Joint Readiness Task Force 2023 (VJTF 2023), with key elements Puma infantry fighting vehicles and future dismounted soldier.

“With the innovative general SOVERON approach, Rohde & Schwarz is providing flexible and trusted national solutions, whose open architecture is compatible with legacy radio systems, while remaining viable for the future. The company uses in-house cryptology developments as the national key technology,” explains Hartmut Jäschke, Executive Vice President of the Secure Communications Division at Rohde & Schwarz.

The SOVERON communications architecture from Rohde & Schwarz, consisting of software defined radios, associated network-capable, high data rate, jam-proof waveforms and high-security cryptology, is the key requirement for a comprehensive, interoperable system solution.

Photo courtesy Rohde & Schwarz