Sweden and France sign agreement on new anti-tank robot system

18 April 2023 – Sweden and France have signed a bilateral agreement regarding the cooperation on a new anti-tank missile system. The agreement enables joint studies, acquisitions and development.

The agreement follows the letter of intent signed on 1 July 2021 between FMV and the Direction Générale de l’Armement, DGA, in France.

For Sweden, the agreement was signed by Mikael Frisell, head of the management staff at FMV, and for France by Gael Diaz du Tuesta, National Armaments director, DGA.

This agreement is a very important step for the deepened cooperation with France in the area of ​​defence, says Mikael Frisell.

The new anti-tank missile system, RBS 58, which internationally goes by the name Akeron MP, will further strengthen the Armed Forces’ ability to engage in armed combat against qualified opponents. Trials have since 2022 been carried out at the 12th motorized rifle battalion at the Life Guard. Training is planned to begin in Swedish units as early as 2023.

Source FMV

Unofficial translation by EDR On-Line

Photo courtesy FMV