Sweden: FMV signs contract for extensive upgrade of Stridsvagn 122

On behalf of the Swedish Armed Forces, FMV has signed a contract with KMW worth approximately SEK 3.5 billion. This is to begin the most extensive upgrade of Stridsvagn122 [Leopard 2] since the tanks were acquired in the early 2000s. The contract includes renovation and modification of 44 tanks.

“Tanks will be the backbone of the army’s brigades for a long time to come, that is a conclusion we can draw from the ongoing war in Ukraine. The order we are now placing with KMW means a considerable modernization of our tank fleet and extends the life of the tanks at least into the 2030s,”  says Jonas Lotsne, head FMV operational area army materiel.

The upgrade includes, among other things, the replacement of basically all electronic components in the tank so that the system is in line with other modern Leopard 2s, a new cannon in caliber L55 with a greater possibility of programming ammunition, new night sights for the gunner and tank commander as well as a night driving camera for the driver and finally a new track system, including tracks.

Deliveries to the Armed Forces will take place starting in 2026. The tanks will be called Stridsvagn123A.

Source Swedish FMV

Unofficial translation by EDR On-Line

Photo courtesy Bezav Mahmod, Swedish MoD