Thales consolidates its position in the UAE naval market

Deliveries and additional contracts announced at NAVDEX 2017

At NAVDEX 2017, Thales has been selected for several significant projects to develop the capabilities of the United Arab Emirates Navy in the fields of electronic warfare, anti-submarine warfare as well as security and surveillance. The solutions will allow the Navy to perform its missions in protecting the UAE.

Thales is proud to be onboard the patrol vessel Arialah, the latest offshore patrol vessel (OPV) of the UAE Navy, has been showcased at NAVDEX 2017. Thales’s latest full suite of naval solutions has been delivered onboard the first of Class, dedicated to the Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA).

As part of the suite Thales has installed its 3D multibeam radar, SMART-S Mk2, optimised for medium-to-long-range surveillance in littoral environment and its combat management system, TACTICOS.

Thales also delivered STIR, a medium-to-long range tracking and illumination radar system and MIRADOR, a lightweight and compact electro-optical multi-sensor.

The Group also provides electronic warfare solutions on the class: ALTESSE and VIGILE 100 Mk2 to guarantee electromagnetic compatibility with modern shipboard systems and precisely identify threats in complex radio-frequency environments encountered in littoral waters.

A sonar contract for the provision of Captas-1

At NAVDEX 2017, the UAE Navy announced a contract for the purchase of the latest addition to the Captas sonar family, the Captas-1, which is a single ceramic ring high-performance sonar. It has been specifically designed for small surface combatants and patrol vessels. The Captas-1 will reinforce the Navy’s capabilities in anti-submarine warfare missions including escort, minesweeping and force protection.

As a long-term partner of the UAE Navy for sonars solutions, Thales already provided the Emirates with Captas-2 and Flash dipping sonars.