Thales delivers new-generation training simulators for French Army AMX-10 RCR vehicles

Thales has delivered to the French defence procurement agency (DGA) two STP-NG new-generation platoon-level firing simulators for French Land Forces. These training simulators have entered into service at the Canjuers and Saumur (école de cavalerie) army bases to train forces to use the new systems equipped on the upgraded AMX-10 RCR vehicle.

The STP-NG is one of the most sophisticated simulators on the market today. It uses state-of-the-art technologies and is designed to evolve in line with operational requirements. In addition it offers a high level of realism, thus training platoons in near-real conditions for better mission preparation. It also simulates the Terminal Information System (SIT) for a richer training experience in operational communications. The different configuration modes allow standalone training on separate modules or individual and collective platoon-level exercises on connected modules for up to 15 users.

The STP-NG comprises three upgraded instructor stations, three simplified modules for vehicle commander, gunner and driver positions, three administrator stations for managing a light armoured vehicle and three stations assigned for engineers, infantry and artillery respectively. It also includes a platoon leader station, which will be equipped with a Regimental Information System (SIR) in early 2017 to simulate the next level of command for squadron-level collective training exercises.

The STP-NG system was delivered with three terrain databases to support exercises in different environments ranging from urban areas to deserts.

The systems were delivered on schedule and initial feedback from end-users is positive.