Thales inaugurates its 5 Cybersecurity “control tower” in the world with latest Hong Kong opening

Thales announces the opening of its fifth Cybersecurity Operation Centre (CSOC) in Hong Kong, a real control tower to fight cyber- attacks. As cyber-threats grow in Asia, Thales now offers a complete range of cyber security monitoring solutions and provides personalised support to its most demanding customers.

The global managed security services market will reach USD 35,8 billion by 2020 and Asia Pacific represents 18,2% of this huge market1. With the new Hong Kong CSOC, Thales can respond to the increased cyber- threat addressing organisations such as Banking & Finance institutions, Government Agencies, critical infrastructure operators and multinational enterprises located in Asia.

From this operation centre, Thales provides state-of-the-art 24/7 cyber surveillance services in order to guarantee the performance, continuity and security of critical information systems. The Thales CSOC provides cyber-risk prevention, threat anticipation, detection of security incidents and ultra-fast reaction against cyber-attacks.

By analysing security-related big data flows in real-time, and raise immediate alarms, the CSOC can trigger remediation actions when needed.

Beyond cybersecurity supervision through the CSOC, the Thales cybersecurity team can also perform a range of complementary consulting services including security risk assessment, security audit, penetration testing and compliance review. This all ensures that user practices are in line with the customer’s security policy at all times.

Thales brings to the table more than 15 years’ experience in managed cybersecurity services worldwide and 5 years of cybersecurity consulting services in the region. The Group is positioned as the trusted partner of choice for the most demanding organisations worldwide in terms of cybersecurity, now operating five premium Cybersecurity Operations Centers around the world, in France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada and Hong-Kong.