The 8×8 CAESAR® artillery system has been selected by Denmark to equip the Danish land forces

Nexter, the leading French land defence systems manufacturer has been awarded a contract by the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) for the supply of 15 (plus 6 as an option) 8×8 CAESAR® artillery systems to the Danish Army.

The CAESAR® 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer has been constantly deployed by the French Forces in combat operations since its entry into service in 2009: in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Mali and currently in Iraq. The CAESAR® is recognised worldwide as striking the best balance between the simplicity of towed artillery and the mobility and survivability of a self-propelled system. It provides customers with a highly flexible, deployable and affordable full spectrum solution for indirect fire support. Not only is the CAESAR® very accurate, it also has the lowest maintenance costs on the market for a mobile artillery system. Over 300 CAESAR® systems have already been ordered by 5 different countries.

With the 8×8 CAESAR® configuration, Nexter offers an artillery system that meets the current and future requirements of the Danish army with an improved operational autonomy and a platform offering significant growth potential for further adaptation. The involvement of Danish industry in the fulfilment of the contract will be essential, in particular for the 10-year sustainment of the Danish CAESAR® systems. The acquisition of CAESAR® by the Danish Army will also naturally provide with opportunities to further deepen the already strong cooperation between the Danish and French armies.

We are proud to support such a longstanding ally of the French Army and a member of the NATO alliance” commented Stephane Mayer, CEO of the Nexter Group. He also added, “This first success for the 8×8 CAESAR® configuration confirms the relevance of our vision and strengthens our dedication to meeting the fast-moving and specific needs of our customers”.