The Iveco – Oto Melara Consortium receives an order for an additional 16 Centauro II armoured cars for the Italian Army

28 June 2022 – Rome – On June 21, 2022, an extension to Contract 2114 was signed by the Land Armaments Department for the acquisition by the Italian Army of a further 16 Centauro II armoured car (called by the Italian Army: Nuova Blindo Centauro), with related integrated logistic support and equipment.

The Addendum, which brings the Centauro II systems currently under contract to 122 (10 units acquired with the contract signed in July 2018 and 86 units + 10 optional with the December 2020 contract), the Italian Army overall need being 150 units, guarantees long-term stability by consolidating the control of strategic skills for the land sector of the national defense industry and ensuring production continuity.

The Centauro II represents an excellence in its field in terms of power, observation, mobility, ergonomics, fire control and communication as well as, of course, maximum crew protection. Equipped with a modern powerpack of over 720HP and the by now consolidated H transmission typical of the 8×8 armored vehicles of the Centauro family, the Centauro II uses an entirely digital architecture and a new generation turret with a 120 mm gun and Communication, Command and Control systems that make the Centauro II the most modern of the means in service with the Italian Army.

The result is an innovative armored vehicle capable of operating in any scenario: from national security missions, to support and peacekeeping operations to any other operational mission in which Italian Armed Forces are called upon to intervene.

Photo by P. Valpolini