The M5D-Airfox operates with the Navy in the Dynamic Messenger-23 exercises

28 September 2023 – Marine Instruments has successfully participated in DYNAMIC MESSENGER-23, a highly naval multilateral cooperation exercise organised by NATO in the waters off Portugal.

To develop and integrate unmanned maritime systems into NATO’s operational activities in order to strengthen its capabilities in all types of operations. This is the objective of DYNAMIC MESSENGER-23, NATO’s second experimental exercise being conducted in Troia, Portugal. The exercise, which began on 18 September and ends on 29 September, involves 14 NATO states and one partner country, Portugal, as host. Participating countries include Spain, Italy, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States and Sweden. These exercises involve more than 1,000 civilian and military personnel in land-based activities and another 1,000 on board.

Among the many ships participating in the exercise is the “Furor” (P-46), a Spanish Navy Maritime Action Ship (BAM). From this ship, as well as from the others used in the manoeuvres, aerial drones, all designed and produced by Spanish companies, take off, mainly used for security and surveillance operations.

The M5D-Airfox, a remotely piloted aircraft powered by solar panels, is one of the drones used in the international exercises that has operated on board the Furor. The aircraft, designed and manufactured by Marine Instruments, is capable of reaching a speed of 45 knots, with a radio-link coverage of 18 nautical miles and a range of around ten hours under maximum sunshine conditions. As a result, the Airfox is already being used for monitoring and surveillance activities at sea and on the coast.

Photo courtesy Marine Instruments