The new Nexter turret, a KNDS company, takes off with the upgraded Tiger

  • Nexter is upgrading its THL30 turret to equip the modernized Tiger;
  • The turret’s lateral displacement has been increased and its weight reduced thanks to modernized electronics;
  • It will enter service in 2028.

A turret adapted to the upgraded Tiger

Nexter, a KNDS company, is enhancing the performance of its THL30 turret for upgraded Tiger helicopters, the new standard developed by Airbus Helicopters on behalf of OCCAR, and financed by the French and Spanish governments. This work is focused primarily on increasing its lateral clearance to enable it to engage targets at more than 90° to either side.

In addition, on-board electronics are being modernized to optimize weight and volume. These gains are essential to Airbus Helicopters to stay within the weight limit set for the upgraded Tiger, and complete the development of this new standard. The THL30 retrofit kits will be delivered by Nexter to Airbus Helicopters at its sites in Marignane, France and Albacete, Spain.

A combat-proven system

The THL30 is a light turret armed with a 30mm gun and designed specifically for the Tiger helicopter. Developed in the late 1990s and produced in 136 units between 2003 and 2014 for France, Spain and Australia, the THL30 has proved its capacities in numerous theatres of operation, including Afghanistan, Libya and Mali.

Photo courtesy Airbus Helicopters