The VAB, 40 years old, the precursor of a versatile rustic, economic concept

40 years ago the Army welcomed the first armoured vanguard vehicle (Véhicule de l’avant blindé VAB) into its ranks and made it a special tool in its many external operations. Now in the process of decline, but still in service in the forces, it is supporting the smooth introduction of the Griffon. Nevertheless RENAULT TRUCKS Defense is already beginning to prepare for the future.

The VAB, 40 years old, 5000 made of which 1,000 were exported, has served in all theatres of operations from the Gulf War to Afghanistan and the Sahel, and in both French and foreign forces. More than forty versions adapted to operational constraints and emergencies have served this versatile, rustic, and economic concept.

It is now accompaining the introduction of the Griffon and will experience a sharp reduction from 2025.
In terms of its mobility the Griffon is a successor to the VAB, thanks to the considerable lessons learned accumulated over more than thirty years of overseas operations, including Palmir and most recently Barkhane. It will have the best available developments in terms of mobility.

At the same time the VAB will continue to develop in line with operational needs, in the spirit of a supported decline.

Eventually, there will be a “post-VAB”. The Griffon, already well integrated in terms of mobility, protection and fire, will continue to benefit from the lessons learned from the VAB and in its turn will then begin to gain experience.

RENAULT TRUCKS Defense is already beginning to prepare for the future. For example, the parallel hybrid demonstrator, ELECTER, stemming from an advanced design plan and presented at the last Eurosatory exhibitions, could be the forerunner of the next generation vehicles.