UAE Saab GlobalEye fleet might increase

Joseph Roukoz

At the Dubai Air Show visitors could see in real for the first time the Emirates Air Force Saab GlobalEye, the airborne early warning system which first order for two aircraft was signed at the Dubai Air Show in November 2015. This was followed by another contract for one aircraft, announced in 2017. Apparently the saga is not yet finished, as on 19 November 2019, once again at the Dubai Air Show, the United Arab Emirates announced their intention to sign a further contract for two more GlobalEyes. Saab declared that it has not yet signed the contract amendment or received an order relating to this last announcement, the potential order value related to this contract amendment being US$ 1.018 billion.

The GlobalEye provides air, maritime and ground surveillance in a single solution, combining combines Saab’s EriEye ER (Extended Range) S-band airborne early warning radar and Leonardo’s Seaspray 7500E maritime surveillance radar with Bombardier’s ultra-long range Global 6000 jet aircraft. An fairing under the aircraft nose hosts a long-range electro-optical system for targets’ visual identification.

The aircraft on exhibition is part of the first order and is currently entering service with the Emirates Air Force. UAE personnel has undergone training in Sweden on the GlobalEye system, while elements of the extensive ground support equipment have already been delivered.

Photo by Joseph Roukoz