UK-French defence cooperation : Parliamentarians from both sides of the Channel continue to aim high

29 October 2020 – The Lancaster House Treaties of 2010 establish very close defence cooperation between the United Kingdom and France, in the operational, procurement and industrial spheres. To mark the 10th anniversary of these bilateral agreements, on the 29th of October, a UK-French meeting took place by video conference, bringing together the Chairs of the four committees dealing with defence on the two sides of the channel, from the Commons, the Lords, the National Assembly and the Senate.

These discussions are intended as a strong political signal to mark the attachment of the two countries to UK-French defence cooperation. Faced by increasing threats, and in the context of the UK’s departure from the European Union, the four Chairs reaffirm that security and defence cooperation between the United Kingdom and France is more necessary than ever.

The Chairs recognised the remarkable achievements of the Lancaster House Treaties, with the creation of a Combined Joint Expeditionary Force (CJEF), and several important procurement projects, such as the future anti-ship missile programme, which introduces an increased level of interdependence between our two countries, and the Maritime Mine Counter Measures programme (MCMM), which has already produced a demonstration model and which is very near to starting production, with delivery due in 2022.

Looking forward, the Chairs hope that the Lancaster House agreements, essential to the security of the United Kingdom and of France, will continue to prosper and, strengthened by the impetus already achieved, will expand to take in new fields of activity.