Vegvisir to Bring the Experience of an Apache Gunner to Ground Operations

The Estonian-Croatian defense industry startup Vegvisir is showcasing the newest features of its mixed-reality-based situational awareness system at Eurosatory. Several enhancements include long-range optics sensor integration and AI-based safety features that function both day and night.

Vegvisir’s situational awareness system uses vehicle-mounted cameras, an immersive ultra-low latency headset, and supplementary data overlay capability to provide the vehicle personnel a comprehensive 360-degree view of the surrounding environment. This heightened awareness equips troops with the tools to navigate complex scenarios and make well-informed decisions on the battlefield.

At Eurosatory, Vegvisir is demonstrating its latest feature: a fully integrated commander sight system developed by HEVI Optronics.

“This solution combines long-range optics with a helmet-mounted display for effortless control. We aim to bring the experience of an Apache attack helicopter gunner to ground operations, thus further improving the battle unit’s decision-making capability in critical situations,” said Ingvar Pärnamäe, the CEO of Vegvisir.

Vegvisir is also introducing a series of custom AI-model-based functions, among these the ability to detect humans around the vehicle in all light conditions.

“This is a crucial safety feature, as most training accidents occur due to poor visibility or driver inattention. Vegvisir’s safety functions alert the driver when someone is in close proximity to the vehicle or at the ramp, significantly enhancing safety during training and practice. To enable human detection functionality, we have developed a custom machine-learning dataset,” Pärnamäe said, describing the new feature.

According to him, human detection functionality is just one of the mature features Vegvisir is ready to release, with more in the pipeline to assist warfighters not only in training but also in combat.

Vegvisir is now also equipped with a solution enabling the system to pull Friendly Forces Tracking information messages from any NATO-compliant network.

“Each demonstration has provided us with detailed feedback on the solution’s functionality and highlighted opportunities for further development. By designing the solution in collaboration with end-users, we have created a system that addresses numerous critical battlefield challenges. For example, rather than focusing primarily on the vehicle driver as we did previously, we are now developing a comprehensive digital hub centered on the vehicle commander. Users have confirmed that this shift has made the solution significantly more practical and valuable,” Pärnamäe added.

After Vegvisir’s initial sales agreement, which recently led to deploying the system in Ukraine, the company has signed four more contracts.

“During the three years we have been developing our solution, governments, militaries, and vehicle manufacturers have become much more receptive to new technologies and innovative battlefield solutions. The combination of modernization efforts and significantly increased defense budgets makes this an exciting time for Vegvisir and other defense startups,” added the CEO of Vegvisir.

The company showcases two versions of the solution at Eurosatory – Vegvisir Core and Vegvisir Remote. Vegvisir Core is designed to deliver a comprehensive 360-degree view on infantry fighting vehicles, armoured personnel carriers, combat support platforms, engineering vehicles, and main battle tanks. It connects the crew into a digital hub allowing seamless interaction and access to digital data. Vegvisir Remote offers a similar experience to Vegvisir Core but is optimized for lower bandwidth, making it ideal for remote use. Its primary application is on optionally manned or unmanned platforms that require remote operation.

Image courtesy Vegvisir