Vittoria Shipyard will build two Coastal Patrol Boats for Croatia

Adria (Ro), March 14th – More international voyages for Vittoria Shipyard. The Vittoria Shipyard, a Veneto-based company that specializes in the construction of military, paramilitary, work, commercial and transport vessels up to 100 meters in length, has signed a contract with the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia. This exciting new project involves designing and constructing two 21-meter CPB (Coastal Patrol Boat) vessels, to be used by the law enforcement of this Balkan country to carry out maritime police and rescue functions at sea.

After taking part in a public tender called by the Croatian Ministry of the Interior in May 2021, the Vittoria Shipyard firm was awarded the order, worth over 49 million Croatian kuna (equal to 6.5 million euro), co-financed by the EU as part of the Frontex external border management program. The boats are scheduled to be delivered in 2023.

The two 6.5-meter wide, 21.5-meter-long vessels will be constructed entirely out of aluminum. Equipped with a screw propeller and two 1,213-kilowatt MAN engines, they are capable of reaching a top speed of over 31 knots. In addition to crew quarters, the ships will have a sick bay and an additional shipwreck shelter. The Croatian ship classification society, Hrvatski Registar Brodova, will perform checks and deal with certifications.

“We thank the Ministry of the Interior for choosing our project, in recognition of its high-quality value,”states Paolo Duò, President of the Vittoria Shipyard. “This order projects us once again outside our national borders and strengthens our collaborative relationship with Croatia. A collaborative relationship that, on this occasion, will see us committed to supporting the local production system by ensuring the transfer of knowledge and technological expertise to local companies with the aim of enabling them to provide adequate and continuous technical assistance on site once the boats have been launched. Since 2004, we have provided this Balkan country with eleven vessels of different types and functions, and we are confident that we will be able to provide Croatia with two new vessels able to improve and strengthen the operational capabilities of the Croatian Police around the Aegean Sea, in line with the aims of the EU program.”

In 2004 and 2008 respectively, the Polesine Shipyard provided the Croatian Police with five river border patrol vessels and five unsinkable and self-righting SAR vessels, which are still in use. In 2017, the Vittoria Shipyard also equipped the Croatian Harbor Master Office with an unsinkable, self-righting search and rescue vessel (SAR) in the district of Zadar.

Image courtesy Vittoria Shipyard