With support from SIATT, the Brazilian Navy successfully launches sixth MANSUP missile, achieving direct impact on target

19 March 2024 – On February 21st, the Brazilian Navy conducted a new launch of the MANSUP Anti-Ship Missile, marking the sixth successful launch including launches from the development and pre-series phases of the program. The launch was carried out from the Frigate Defensora, with support from the Frigate Liberal and two helicopters, a UH-12 Esquilo and an AH-11B Wild Lynx.

The launch was a complete success, with the missile achieving direct impact on the target. SIATT, the company responsible for the development and manufacture of the missile’s SGNC – Guidance, Navigation and Control System, as well as the entire telemetry system involved, carried out the preparations including the final integration and testing of the armament at the Navy’s Missile and Submarine Weapons Center (CMASM). During the embarked period, it supported the Navy with on-board tests and the use of a compact version of its CLM – Missile Launch Console installed next to the Defensora Frigate’s launch system.

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The test was conducted in adverse weather conditions, with a tropical cyclone near the launch zone on the days of the mission. In this scenario, another support resource developed by SIATT was of great help in enabling the operation: the SIATEX, a system of global positioning modules (GPS) and long-distance communication associated with a situational awareness software. With high seas, inclement weather, and poor visibility, often preventing the takeoff of support helicopters, SIATEX enabled the positioning of ships in the desired conditions and real-time monitoring of various preparatory parameters.

Engineer Robson Duarte, partner director of SIATT and MANSUP Program Manager at the company, emphasizes that “in this launch, the perfect functioning of the Guidance, Navigation and Control System (SGNC) developed by SIATT was verified. The missile performed all the maneuvers that were simulated and tested in the laboratory, and with this, the SGNC is ready for operational use and serial production. SIATT’s competence in integrating complex systems such as MANSUP, a project of fundamental importance for Brazil’s autonomy in missile production, is clear. This sixth launch represented a unique and unprecedented opportunity, never seen in Brazil, to have an anti-ship missile achieving direct impact on the target!”.

Photos courtesy Brazilian Navy