ARQUUS is developing its connected glasses offer to stay as close as possible to its partners and provide a reactive solution to the challenges of MRO during the health crisis

October 23, 2020 – The health crisis linked to COVID19 has considerably reduced the possibilities of travellling around the world, limiting the ability of maintenance personnel and technical experts to intervene on bases and in theaters of operations. This situation underscores the relevance of remote support solutions, and in particular the connected glasses developed by Arquus.

To meet the specific needs of its customers, Arquus has developed a new special offer, focused on its connected glasses. As part of this offer, Arquus customers can use their connected glasses autonomously and without limitation within their structures in Europe, thanks to the secure communication solution supplied with the glasses. This solution is also now offered with a remote diagnosis commitment within 24 hours after making an appointment, allowing very high reactivity in the service of the forces.

A qualified report is also systematically issued after each remote diagnosis in order to keep in mind the actions carried out, to allow the transmission of feedbacks, while improving fleet knowledge. Perfectly suited to sanitary conditions, this new offer ensures the greatest reactivity to the needs of the forces and an increase in internal skills, supporting maximal operational technical availability.

Arquus developed and presented a connected glasses solution in 2017. These glasses make it possible to the operator on the field, or the technician of an authorized workshop, o transmit in real time to a technical expert from Arquus support teams what they can see. The latter is then able to guide the on-site worker in his maintenance operations, by providing the diagnosis if necessary, and by directly supervising repairs. The glasses also allow the sending of technical documents or photos, ensuring a great capacity of interaction and fully personalized support. They thus make it possible to guarantee rapid and efficient assistance on technical questions, simple or more complex fault diagnostics.

In direct contact with operators in the field, Arquus’ technical experts rely on perfect knowledge of the fleets and complete internal technical mastery thanks to technical documentation, repair manuals, databases of technical facts and feedback from these fleets, providing precise, efficient and responsive assistance.

This solution directly meets the expectations of customers, who wish in this COVID context to keep close contact with the Arquus support teams and have rapid assistance capacities in order to guarantee the Technical Operational Availability of their vehicles.

Arquus connected glasses make it possible, if necessary, to carry out a contradictory expertise by mobilizing up to 10 people connected simultaneously and thus to find a consensus or common observations around a technical fact.

Beyond the assistance itself, these connected glasses also offer new possibilities in terms of coaching, support and internal skills development. With these glasses, an operator can be trained to react correctly to technical incidents, but he can also check with Arquus technical experts at any time that he applies the most suitable procedure.

The Arquus remote assistance solution is now present on five continents, serving the Army on national territory and in foreign operations, but also in Senegal, India, Chile and Brazil.

These connected glasses complement other support solutions offered by Arquus, depending on the level of support desired. These solutions range from telephone assistance to the deployment of a technical expert closer to the customer.

Arquus has a long-standing expertise in supporting fleets over the long term, built over the decades on a fleet of nearly 25,000 vehicles in service within the French Army alone, including 20,000 directly supported by the company.

With fleets supported on five continents and expertise ranging from light vehicles to heavy armored vehicles, Arquus has comprehensive databases and perfect knowledge of the evolution of vehicle configuration over time. This expertise is based on the MROD (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul & Diagnostics) tools that Arquus makes available to its partners in order to optimize fleet management and maintenance management. These tools centralize technical facts and optimize the responses to be provided.

To optimize the Operational Technical Availability of the parks, Arquus is able to offer other innovative tools, such as HUMS (Health & Usage Monitoring Systems), virtual reality training or additive manufacturing.

Unofficial translation by EDR On-Line

Photos courtesy Arquus