Arquus launches the Arquus e-xpo

The Eurosatory trade show was to be held June 8-12. It has traditionally been a major meeting for Arquus, which has always made it a point of honor to receive all of the Defense players around its new products and its latest innovations. For Arquus, Eurosatory has always been an opportunity to create, reveal and surprise.

This year, Arquus has decided to show otherwise, by making available to everyone an overview of what our stand could be today: the Arquus e-xpo.

The Arquus e-xpo is an interactive space for discovery and exchange, which presents all of the innovations and areas of development in which the company is currently investing.

It is open to the entire defense world, Arquus customers and partners, from June 8 to July 31, 2020. It will be regularly updated over this period, with new content, new announcements and new visuals.

The e-xpo is an opportunity for Arquus to unveil the latest developments in its ranges of logistics and tactical vehicles, systems and services. Alongside these developments, Arquus presents the fruit of its work on future themes such as energy or support.

The Arquus e-xpo can be visited at

Images courtesy Arquus