Aselsan exports Gokdeniz CIWS to Asia

August 02,2019, Ankara – The first export customer of recently launched Aselsan Gokdeniz CIWS has been an Asian country. Aselsan is in negotiation with other international customers and awaits further orders for its advanced CIWS.

Gokdeniz CIWS along with 35 mm Airburst Ammunition (ATOM) is an advanced Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) highly effective against anti-ship missiles. Thanks to its 35 mm twin gun system and airburst ammunition, the system yields ship defense at longer ranges than the multibarrel CIWS solutions. The system allows loading of both airburst ammunition (ATOM) and high-explosive incendiary ammunition (HEI) at the same time and it can switch between ammunition types as needed during the operation. In addition to anti-ship missiles, Gokdeniz is also effective against helicopters, fighters, UAVs and asymmetric surface naval threats. Aselsan introduces Gokdeniz not only for large warships but it is also a new concept that can replace heavy naval guns onboard of OPVs and medium size vessels.

Photo courtesy Aselsan