Aselsan exports thermal cameras for an EU country, Poland.

July 31,2019 / Ankara – As the leading technology company, Aselsan has had an agreement with Poland-based company, Siltec, to promote Aselsan thermal cameras called ‘Goz-Mobil’ in Poland. After successful tests held by the Polish Border Guard, Goz-Mobil was shortlisted and, finally, ASELSAN was awarded with the contract. This is the second time Aselsan was awarded with a contract by Polish Border Guard with the same product, Goz-Mobil.

After the first contract, the delivery was made within the short time and Polish Border Guard is satisfied with Goz-Mobil, which is specially designed for hand-held usage; brings users the ability to see during the day or night time. The device can be used for different applications such as mobile reconnaissance, surveillance, situational awareness, law enforcement.

Besides thermal cameras, Aselsan is planning to expand its operations in Poland in the near future in other fields including different electro-optic solutions as well as avionics.

Photo courtesy Aselsan