Baglietto Navy unveils its Combat Boat 15 craft for the Italian Navy

Luca Peruzzi

The defence arm of the historical boat builder Baglietto, Baglietto Navy, unveiled at Seafuture 2023 the new 15.8 meters Combat Boat 15 for the Italian Navy. The company also unveiled its FFC (Fast Fighting Craft) 15 prototype in an anti-surface warfare (ASW) configuration armed with MBDA Marte Mk2/N anti-ship missiles.

Under an undisclosed-value contract announced in May 2019 and awarded by Fincantieri within the framework of the tender launched by the Italian shipbuilding group on behalf of the Italian Navy, Baglietto Navy designed, built and will soon supply two 15.8 metres Combat Boats to be part of the crafts’ inventory of the 33,000 tonnes Trieste LHD, under final fitting-out and trials by Fincantieri.

The customized Combat Boat 15 for the Italian Navy derives from the FFC 15 fast craft design which Baglietto Navy unveiled in 2015. The FFC 15 is a 15-meters aluminum fast multipurpose nautical platform, widely customisable both in the motor drive/propulsion, and in the interior/exterior equipment. Unlike the FFC 15 aluminum prototype launched by the shipyard in 2016, according to the ‘Combat Boat’ design requirements issued by the Italian Navy, the latter platforms was built in composite materials. The FFC 15 family is built around a deep-V hull designed to ensure high speed, maneuverability and seakeeping performances. The stealth shape of the superstructures results in reduced platform multispectral visibility and all-round coverage from the pilot house.

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With a length and beam of respectively 15.83 and 3.6 metres, the Combat Boat 15 has a 20 tonnes full load displacement in a standard configuration, a draft of 0.85 meters and a design depth of 2.70 meters. It is equipped with a propulsion package featuring two MAN R6 engines with a maximum power of 588 kW at 2,300 rpm each and surface drives, providing a maximum speed of more than 40 knots and a cruising speed of 35 knots, these data EDR On-Line understood are in full load configuration. With a fuel capacity of 2,400 litres, the range stands at 330 nm, EDR On-Line understood at cruising speed and full load displacement.

No further details were provided by Baglietto Navy during the event, this being apparently due to acceptance trials and incoming delivery of the first boat to the customer, which considering that the craft state of fitting out is almost completed, is expected soon. The boat is also equipped with a remotely controlled weapon station, which according to Baglietto Navy press release, was a representative model of Leonardo’s Lionfish 12.7 mm Inner Reloading turret. The second boat was also visible at the La Spezia Naval Base where Seafuture 2023 was hosted, without the gun turret.

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According to information released by Baglietto Navy and collected by EDR On-Line at past exhibitions, the Italian Navy’s fast craft internal layout was specifically designed for the troops transport. A watertight two-section hull door is located forward in the bow, under the main deck, for personnel embarkation/disembarkation. The door can be opened while at sea, as it was while docked at the naval base. EDR On-Line understood this can be kept open even at low speed, to recover any floating items. A second door is located toward the stern external flat area, which is expected to be used for light materiel and personnel transportation.

The pilot house can host up to 3 crew members, while the interior layout can be optimized depending on the mission type; thanks to the use of removable seats, fitted with special shock absorbers, it can accommodate up to 18 soldiers, although the exposed brochure indicated a 4+18 personnel capacity. EDR On-Line understood the Italian Navy boats are expected to receive ballistic protection panels for the troop compartment and the pilot house, including glazing. No information was released on the electronic mission suite, but the craft was equipped with a SIMRAD radar and a small electro-optical turret for navigation purposes, and is expected to be equipped with the same communication equipment being used by the Italian Navy San Marco Amphibious Brigade.

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Baglietto Navy was also presenting its FFC 15 prototype in an anti-surface warfare (ASW) configuration with two MBDA Marte Mk2/N anti-ship missiles launchers. No further information was released; Baglietto Navy has presented this configuration since the unveiling of FFC 15, but only on drawings. EDR On-Line understood the company has conducted a feasibility study for embarking these launchers together with the necessary mission suite, but is not aware of the current stage of the integration, neither if the launchers positioning and configuration seen at La Spezia is the final one.

According to the available technical sheet, the baseline FFC 15 model differs from the Combat Boat configuration for a propulsion package featuring two Seatek 800 Plus engines with a maximum power of 800 hp at 3,000 rpm each and two waterjets, providing a maximum speed of 45 knots in an undisclosed displacement and a cruising speed of 35 knots again in an undisclosed displacement.

Photos courtesy Baglietto and L. Peruzzi