CNIM launches new generation of Motorized Floating Bridges

23 March 2021 – Renowned for over 30 years for its expertise in the field of crossing systems, the CNIM Group presents its new Motorized Floating Bridge (PFM) concept. In response to new requirements expressed by various NATO countries to face current and future challenges, CNIM has developed a new-generation motorized floating bridge, available in the first half of 2021.

The new PFM will have even greater capacity, offering users vital competitive advantages.

Designed for ferrying the heaviest of vehicles both now and in the future, the PFM has MLC 90 Tracked and MLC 100 Wheeled crossing capability, providing a safe crossing for all current and future types of armed forces vehicles, including heavy tanks (Abrams M1A2 SEPV3, Leopard 2A7, Challenger, Leclerc, MGCS):

To meet terrain and operational requirements, the PFM can be deployed in two configurations: bridge or ferry.

Suitable for all carrier types and available in two module lengths (6.75 m and 10 m), the PFM is compatible with all 8×8 carriers in service in the armed forces and can also be deployed from special semi-low loaders.

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Unrivalled ease of construction and speed of deployment.

Featuring high-performance integrated engines, PFM modules are controlled from a single remote control & command system, allowing for quick and easy construction and deployment and reducing the logistical footprint (no need for auxiliary craft) and number of operators.

With the ability to take two different access ramps (tactical or modular) for adapting to all operational doctrines, the PFM is interoperable with all floating bridges in service.

Conceived from the start for airborne transport, the PFM can be deployed rapidly for external operations.

The New Generation Motorized Floating Bridge therefore ensures quick and easy deployment, provides excellent manoeuvrability and enhanced performance on water, while considerably reducing the logistical and personnel footprint (no tug boats, remote control & command system, optimised number of carriers).

The PFM is the most flexible solution on the market. In order to meet individual client requirements, it is available in multiple configurations.

”More than just an innovation, CNIM has developed a truly modular system that’s both simple and robust, adapting with ease to all the needs of the Armed Forces for their operations around the world, ” says Xavier Montazel, Director of the Defence and Maritime Business Unit, CNIM Industrial Systems.

Beyond its military use, the PFM can also be adapted for civilian uses, such as in natural disasters, for example, where it can be used as a ferry or temporary bridge to replace a fixed bridge destroyed by a massive flood.

Images courtesy CNIM