DCNS is consolidating its industrial cooperation proposal to Norway in the frame of new Submarine programme

Industry day held in Oslo on 6th December 2016

DCNS, in collaboration with Thales and FSI, has organised an Industry Day in Oslo, on the 6th of December 2016. This event, inaugurated by the Embassy of France in Oslo, was the natural continuation of the work undertaken during the French-Norwegian Seminar in Paris in September 2016; aiming to strengthen and consolidate the industrial long term cooperation between French and Norwegian Industries. The participation of more than 65 Norwegian defense companies along with the French Team, including DCNS, Thales and some major French companies, has confirmed the real appetite to establish some technological partnerships and long term contract between France and Norway.

The Norwegian Ministry of Defence announced in April 2016 that DCNS was shortlisted as one of the two potential candidates for the replacement of its submarine fleet. As historical partner of Norway, DCNS proposes the sea proven design of its Scorpene submarine as a possible option to replace the in-service Ula-class submarines of the Norwegian Navy. The Group benefits from the strong support of French authorities. As a NATO ally, France is committed to strengthening its strategic cooperation with Norway. The sea proven Scorpene Norway represents the state-of-the- art in submarine design and construction. It benefits from the latest technologies developed for submarines operated by the French Navy, including the latest Barracuda technologies to ensure to the Royal Norwegian Navy an acoustic advantage for the challenges it has to face in the High North.

Norwegian and French Companies from the defense sector have been invited to deepen the discussions already ongoing regarding a various scope of Land, Air and Sea systems. The organization of thematic workshops has been the occasion to focus on technological partnerships around specific projects and technical areas. Those following working meetings are part of the Industrial Cooperation Plan process and a key step to reach the signature of fruitful partnerships between French and Norwegian companies in 2017, in continuation of the intense networking that started in 2016.

DCNS has a long and strong experience in designing and building advanced submarines for the French Navy and international clients, including when it comes to industrial participation and is fully aware of the Norwegian Stortinget expectations. DCNS and its French partners are proposing a high value cooperation plan to Norwegian Industry that will allow to address the international market together on a long term partnership based on the eight technological axis defined by the Norwegian Ministry of defence.

The successful partnership between Norway and DCNS started in the 1980s with the Hauk program, maneuverable patrol boats. In 2003, the Royal Norwegian Navy selected DCNS in partnership with Norwegian KDA and UMOE Mandal to build the new Skjold-class FPBs vessels As a supplier of NATO forces,, the Group provided Norway with wider opportunities and improved naval capabilities.

With Scorpene Norway, DCNS hopes to build a new step in its successful cooperation track record with the Royal Norwegian Navy and with the Norwegian industry.