DCNS moves to “Technocampus Ocean” and launches its innovations “workshop”: DCNS Innovation Booster

The DCNS Research teams have just moved in to their new facilities on “Technocampus Ocean”, located in Bouguenais, on the outskirts of Nantes (France). This move represents a concrete step in achieving a powerful ambition for DCNS: making innovation a driving force for its development, in France and internationally. DCNS launches its rupture innovation “workshop”, a workshop dedicated to fostering and accelerating innovations.

Inaugural gesture

Andréas Loewenstein, Executive Vice President for Strategy, Partnerships and Innovation at DCNS, declared: “this concentration of resources combined with the colocalisation of a dozen or so other industrial, academic and research actors will foster research opportunities and synergies. A major advantage for accelerating DCNS’s development on the international stage.”

DCNS is convinced of the power of collaborative research. This is why, within Technocampus Ocean, DCNS will conduct collaborative studies, as well as its own studies. The DCNS teams will benefit from an exceptional environment and resources to focus on their core technological research themes: hydrodynamics, materials, structures, acoustic discretion, electromagnetism, algorithms.

The Group aims at continuously developing its technologies, major factors of satisfaction for its clients and a way of differentiating itself from its competitors. The re-location of about 150 DCNS collaborators to Technocampus Ocean is the logical continuity of this innovation policy framework.

It is crucial for DCNS to foster and boost the development of innovations that can irrigate both the civil and military realms and the naval industry as in the emerging and promising area of marine renewable energies.

Launch of the DCNS innovations “workshop”: DCNS Innovation booster

During the inauguration of Technocampus Ocean, DCNS launches its rupture innovations “workshop”. This workshop aims particularly at fostering the emergence of new and inventive ideas and boosting their development in order to rapidly take them to a level that allows their integration into its offers and programmes.

Additive manufacturing will be the first project to be carried out by this entity. The work lead by DCNS on additive manufacturing together with its partners must allow the production of complex-geometry parts using 3D printing, and for which the supply lead times must be shortened by dividing the production time and at the same time reducing risk and significantly reducing cost.