DSIT Solutions Recently Won a Tender to Supply Its Portable Acoustic Range (PAR) System to an Undisclosed Navy

November 7, 2019. DSIT Solutions Ltd. ‒ a subsidiary of RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., a pioneer and world leader in underwater defense and security solutions based on advanced sonar and acoustics technologies for naval, homeland security, energy, and transportation applications as well as state of the art fiber-optic sensing for land applications ‒ recently won a tender to supply its Portable Acoustic Range (PAR) system to an undisclosed navy. The PAR is an advanced application of underwater signal processing designed to measure noise radiated by submarines as well as surface vessels.

According to Mr. Hanan Marom, DSIT Solutions VP Business Development and Marketing: “We are proud of the long-standing cooperation between DSIT Solutions and the purchasing navy and are pleased that the company’s solutions ‒ recognized for their state-of-the-art technologies, excellent service and cost levels ‒ continue to meet the Navy’s expectations and needs. We look forward to continuing this fruitful cooperation for many years to come.”

The PAR system measures the radiated noise of any vessel, on or below the surface, thus enabling navies and shipyards to monitor and control the noise and silence of their submarines and ships. The PAR continuously tracks the measured platforms and transmits the data in real time to a remote command and control unit. This enables real-time radiated noise processing, analysis and display, using a wireless LAN Data Link between measurement buoy and measured platform. The PAR operates in a frequency range of 10-50,000 Hz. This system includes a database console for storing measurement results, which facilitates data management and provides playback and post-analysis capabilities. Mr. Marom added, “DSIT Solutions develops and manufactures technologically advanced, easy-to-operate, cost-effective systems and therefore we have been able to supply our solutions to a wide range of customers and navies in various regions of the world. We are dedicated to adapting the company’s solutions to the needs of diverse customers’ needs and missions in the fields of acoustics, sonar and fiber-optics.”

Photo courtesy DSIT Solutions