EDEX 2023

Inaugurated by the President of the Arab Republic of, Egypt Abdel Fattah El Sisi, on December 4th, the 2023 edition of EDEX, for Egypt Defence Expo, hosted some 400 exhibitors distributed in three main halls at the Egypt International Exhibition Centre. Twenty one foreign countries were present with national pavilions, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, the Republic of Korea, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, UAE, and the United States of America. Besides aiming at the Egyptian market and at cooperation agreements with local companies, international exhibitors were looking at the widest market, the event being addressed to African and Middle East countries. The biggest national pavilion was obviously that of the host nation, where the various state companies showcased their products and unveiled their latest developments.

No post-show statistics have yet been provided, the forecast by organisers being for over 35,000 visitors, including around 100 official delegations.

The organisers are already looking at the fourth edition, EDEX 2025 being scheduled to take place 1-4 December 2025.

Hereafter the articles on the most interesting items exhibited seen at EDEX 2023 by the EDR On-Line editorial staff.

New 6th October and Ahmous MALE UAVs from Egypt

AIO showcases the latest evolution of the Egyptian Integrated Soldier System

AOI unveils Hafez, a new family of air-to-surface bombs for the Egyptian Air Force

Egyptian AIO shows new products based on uncooled thermal sensors, leveraging its skills in the optical domain

One more crocodile for the Egyptian Army, the Temsah-6

NOMP unveils RAAD 200 multiple rocket launcher and gets ready to deliver first SENA 200 armoured vehicles to the Egyptian Army