Elbit Systems’ Simulation Infrastructure Becomes Cloud Native

24 November 2022 – Elbit Systems transformed its OneSim™ simulation software infrastructure to be  cloud native, and its services can now be delivered to authorized users from a Microsoft Azure cloud. Working closely with Microsoft engineers, Elbit Systems redesigned the architecture of the OneSim infrastructure to meet the requirements of cloud solutions and upload the OneSim to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

OneSim is Elbit Systems’ platform-agnostic simulation software infrastructure that provides land, air and marine users a complete solution for training systems, from a stand-alone simulator and up to multi-platform Mission Training Centers.

“We believe that going to the cloud is essential as militaries across the globe seek to scale-up their synthetic training capabilities, introducing complex multi-domain training and allowing location-agnostic, force-agnostic training sessions. Running a cloud-based simulation infrastructure can make it simpler to conduct joint training sessions, integrating forces of various types that are stationed at different locations” commented Alon Afik VP Training and Simulation at Elbit Systems. “I believe that having our OneSim simulation software infrastructure running on a global public cloud solution such as the Microsoft Azure, demonstrates our capability to run OneSim on any of our users’ private clouds” adds Mr. Afik.

Beyond the significant operational advantages the cloud native OneSim simulation infrastructure also greatly improves efficiency as it enables to simplify updates, upgrades and maintenance activities.

Photo courtesy Elbit Systems