Four new OCEA C-Falcon Fast Interceptor Crafts for the Nigerian Navy

Luca Peruzzi

After the delivery to the Nigerian Navy over eight years ago of one OCEA FPB 98 MKI, eight OCEA FPB 72 MKII and two OCEA FPB 110 MKII, OCEA won three tenders for two additional OCEA FPB 110, one OCEA OSV 190 SC-WB and four OCEA C-FALCON interceptors, the company announced on 22 October. Thanks to the continuous integrated logistic support OCEA has implemented for the Nigerian Navy, the fleet is daily on operation to the full satisfaction of the customer, said the company in the same statement.

Belonging to the Fast Interceptor Craft family of OCEA’s platforms, the C-Falcon is designed to accomplish naval intervention, escort and deterrence in the field of security missions, including interception of vessels, personnel and troops/special forces transportation, infiltration/exfiltration.

According to features released by OCEA, the C-Falcon has a 17.30 meters length, a speed of 40 knots and an autonomy of 320 nm at 40 knots. With a crew of four persons, the C-Falcon can transport and deployed up to 16 personnel or operators thanks to a reinforced bow area for beaching and a pop-up forward-positioned ramp which can be lowered to quick deploy onboard forces.

Photo courtesy OCEA